YFY’s & PMP’s common project of TM#7 rebuild has resulted with a successfull start-up!

In October 2015, Yuen Foong Yu has signed a contract with PMP for rebuild of TM#7 in Ching Shui Mill (Taiwan). The delivery included steel Intelli-YD®, Intelli-Hood® and Steam & Condensate system. Thus it is our pleasure to announce that in August 2016, TM#7 equipped with PMP’s state-of-the-art technology has been successfully started-up!

This time, the scope of supply covered 12’ steel YD designed and manufactured by PMP (2420 mm sheet width on Yankee), a high efficiency Yankee hood supplied with an air fan – Intelli-Hood® – and a Steam & Condensate equipment. Designed Yankee is a steel welded construction with bolted on journals. In order to increase Yankee’s efficiency, PMP offered optimized and tailor-made solutions. Intelli-YDTM designed for YFY is capable to operate up to 9.5 bar(g) of steam pressure and a maximum design speed of 1200 mpm. Additionally PMP exchanged existing steam Yankee Hood with Yankee Cap to reduce steam consumption. Changes in the Steam & Condensate system were implemented to fit new system conditions.

YFY decided to choose PMP Intelli-YD® due to great running references representing very high performance and ultra-low media consumption. This project is an example where PMP’s technological knowledge combined with high-tech equipment can become a key factor to achieve common success.

About YFY:

Yuen Foong Yu – one of the leading Asian Corporations with a turnover of 1.8 billion US dollars, ranked in the top 5 among tissue producers in China, was founded in 1925. At present, YFY is active in three business areas: fine paper & board, packaging and consumer products. It owns 23 facilities in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. YFY’s activity within the tissue sector is focused on delivering value for consumers through Mayflower, Tender and Delight brands mainly in China and Taiwan. (learn more: www.yfy.com)

About PMP:

PMP – a global provider of tissue, paper & board technology, has been supporting pulp and paper industry for over 160 years, executing projects on 6 continents, in 33 countries. Company with headquarters in Jelenia Góra, Poland, owns 6 facilities in 4 countries (Poland, USA, China, Italy). PMP is a recognized international player in both paper & tissue industry. At the end of December 2015, PMP introduced new branding initiative including launching a new logo & visual identity. (learn more:www.pmpgroup.com)


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