Solutions For Tissuemakers

Energy Saving Solutions

Delivery Program:

  • Intelli-Hood® yankee hood
  • Steel yankee dryers Intelli-YD® with
    heads installation
  • Steam & condensate system
  • Recovery system
  • Dust system
  • Mist system
  • Building ventilation

Added Value for You:

  • High performance,
  • Ultra-low specific energy consumption.

Key Products:

Steel Intelli-YD® (12’, 15’, 16,’ 18’, 22’):
  • 10-12% higher evaporation rate compared to
    outdated technologies,
  • Optimized heat transfer,
  • Long-life metallization,
  • Heads insulation (expected steam saving
    up to 5%).

Intelli-Hood® Yankee Hood:

  • High performance,
  • Ultra-low specific energy consumption,
  • Precise temperature and blowing speed
  • Exhaust air energy recovery system,
  • Uniform drying performance.


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