Solutions For Papermakers

Energy Saving Solutions

Delivery Program:

  • Closed hood – Intelli-Hood®
  • Steel cans with heads installation
    (by a mother company PMPoland S.A.)
  • Steam & condensate system
  • Transfer box
  • Stab box

Added Value for You:

  • Optimized energy management,
  • Energy cost savings,
  • Minimized number of paper breaks
    and wrinkles,
  • Improved efficiency of threading
    (better runnability).

Key Products:

  • Low dew point service temperature of 60ºC,
  • High stiffness of roof panels,
  • Roof panels can be dismantled to open
    service space for entire width of a paper

Steam & Condensate System

  • Increase of production capacity,
  • Higher plant efficiency,
  • Uniform temperature profi le on dryer

Sheet Stabilizing System

  • High depression under the web for
    excellent sheet stability,
  • No floating edges,
  • Air cylinder actuated threading zone,
  • Warm-keepers to compensate exhausted
    air fl ow under the hood.


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