Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press

Gentle Touch With Extensive Impact

To create a perfect paper machine, you need knowledge and passion.

With a blend of both we have established our state of the art Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press.

Thanks to our Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press, your machine will become more efficient. It is estimated that the capacity of existing lines can be increased up to 25%. With PMP’s compact shoe press design, web dryness after the press can be increased up to 8 % compared to conventional press arrangements and steam consumption can be reduced up to 30% .
To achieve an energy efficient papermaking machine, you need PMP's Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press which will give you GENTLE TOUCH WITH EXTENSIVE IMPACT.

PMP offer includes two different shoe module sizes. The larger one has the outside diameter of 1500 mm (51”) and maximum paper web width 10 m (394”). Configuration allows to use linear load in range up to 1400 kN/m (8000 PLI). The second shoe module has 1300 mm (59”) outside diameter and can be designed up to 6 m (236”) paper web width with the use of nip range up to 1400 kN/m (8000 PLI).



  • Lowering the cost of production compared to previous technologies - lower steam consumption because of higher paper web dryness after Press Part
  • Increased density of paper and improved paper quality like stiffness, tensile strength, burst strength and no lower bulk
  • ECO friendly Concept (lower steam consumption up to 30 %)
  • Better PM runnability with stronger sheet - less breaks & higher felt lifetime
  • Higher flexibility in rebuild scenarios
  • PMP Intelli-Nip® module is of compact design. As the result, it is easier to install it on existing Press Part of Paper Machine.
  • PMP design has been optimized by FEM calculations. As a result, the roll is lighter – compared to designs available on the market.

Main features:

Paper width up to 10 m (395”)
Module size 1300 mm and 1500mm / 51” and 59”
Mating rolls Conventional Roll or Deflection Compensate Roll Intelli-DCR®
Configuration up-right / inverted
Nip range up to 1400 kN/m / up to 8000 PLI


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