PMP Successfully implements another Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press – new press section Intelli-Press® for PM#1 Apis Szczecin- Skolwin, Poland

In February 2016, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) launched another Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press as a core technological item of a new press section Intelli-Press® for Apis Sp. z o.o., Szczecin-Skolwin, Poland.

Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press technology is great hybrid of energy saving solution & impressive paper properties and is recently a desired solution worldwide. At present, PMP is executing 4 projects that include its shoe press solution: in USA, Mexico, Columbia and China. The customer decided to re-start an existing PM#1 (reel trim 5425 mm), originally built by Fampa (a predecessor of PMP), and change its production profile from newsprint into fluting and liner grades.


Beside a production’s philosophy change, it was important to reach an annual production capacity goal at the level of 100 000 tpa of premium quality fluting and liner grades (basis weight range : 80-140 g/m2 ) at operating speed of 500 mpm.

To meet budget expectations, a scope of delivery was divided between parties. Apis team took care of a significant number of changes in the area of a stock preparation system and a PM’s wet end (a headbox and a wire) and in addition a refurbished size press was added. Whereas a new press section was fully designed and built by PMP (based on deliveries and services provided by PMP’s Polish divisions: PMPoland S.A. and PMP Rolls & Services).

PMP was also responsible for: pre-assembly services of the press section, movement tests before shipment, logistics, on site services including: erection, commissioning, start-up, training and optimization.

To achieve technological project goals within a press section area, PMP designed a modern Intelli-Press®, including 3 nips: a plain roll – on the 1st position (nip load 90 kN/m), a suction roll – on the 2nd position (nip load 30-40 kN/m) and the Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press on the 3rd position (design nip load 750 kN/m, module type: 1300).

A sophisticated press section configuration helps to achieve a dryness after press at the level of 50% following low steam consumption figures, supports reaching PM targeted annual capacity significantly and, in a visible way, reduces open draws increasing production effectiveness (higher PM effectiveness, stable PM operation, less paper breaks). In addition, shoe press technology helps to achieve expected paper properties especially much better bulk and stiffness.

This particular project is an example where PMP’s technological knowledge combined with high-tech equipment can become a key factor to achieve common success. Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press technology, supported by patented solutions, ensures reliable PM performance and top sheet dryness level resulting in significant steam consumption savings and user-friendliness.

About APIS:

APIS - Apis Sp. z o.o. was established in 2002. Thanks to the commitment and expertise of its founders Apis Sp. z o.o. started the production of corrugating board already in its first year. Company has increased the volume of production from year to year and won a significant market share in a short time. APIS offers high quality products and timely delivery while keeping prices on a competitive level. Company’s mission is the continuous increase of competiveness and volume of sales of corrugated board and packaging. (learn more:

About PMP:

PMP – Paper Machinery Producer - a global provider of tissue, paper & board technology, has been supporting pulp and paper industry for over 160 years, executing projects on 6 continents. Company owns 6 facilities in 4 countries (Poland, USA, China, Italy). PMP – the only paper machinery manufacturer in Poland - is a recognized international player in both paper & tissue industry. At the end of December 2015, PMP introduced new branding initiative including launching new logo & visual identity. (learn more:


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