New issue of PMP Promotional Magazine

The new issue of the PMP Promotional Magazine has just been released. After careful consideration, we have decided to change the layout of our magazine, as well as its basis of merit. The main aim of the new design is to make the publication more reader-friendly and to present all PMP Group business activities.

Since this issue on, every PMP Promotional Magazine will include news, events and articles connected to not only the Paper and Tissue industry but also our Services, Build-To-Print business and Specialty Products. Hope you find the new concept pleasant to read and you devote some time to get familiar with its content.

This specific issue is dedicated strictly to the Russian market, therefore it includes PMP's presence in this area, as well as examples of successful cooperation we were able to experience. We strongly encourage you to have a look especially at the SFT article, which presents a successful partnership story.


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