Management Board

Supervisory Board

Zbigniew Manugiewicz
Chairman of the Board
Ronna Braaten
Member of the Supervisory Board
Bogdan Łada
Member of the Supervisory Board


Mirosław Pietraszek
President - PMP Group

Operation Team

Bogdan Łada
Vice President, CFO - PMP Group
Przemysław Klimczak
Vice President Technology - PMP Group
Maja Mejsner
Vice President Business Development & Marketing - PMP Group
Wojciech Niemczyk
Vice President Sales
– PMP Group
Patrycjusz Rak-Miąsik
Vice President Human
Resources – PMP Group


Mirosław Pietraszek
General Manager
- PMPoland
Frank Yu
General Manager
Rocky Matuska
General Manager
– PMP Americas
Bogusław Dobrosielski
General Manager
– PMP Rolls & Service
Adriano Lazzini
General Manager
- PMPower
Jarosław Kuzioła
General Manager
- PMPKonmet
Bogdan Łada
General Manager
- PMP Financial Center


Privacy and Cookies Policy

PMPoland S.A. (The PMP Group) respects and observes the privacy right of the Users of its website, The Privacy Policy contains all information relevant to website Users on how data about website Users is collected, processed and used and how the Company cares for the protection of personal data of the website Users by applying appropriate technological solutions.
Privacy and Cookies Policy.

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