Intelli-Sizer® Size Press

Stronger Paper Web & Perfect Printability

Our State-of-the-Art Intelli-Sizer® Size Press

is design to improve paper properties such as strength aspects, printing abilities etc. by adding chemical substance to the paper web. PMP offers three Size Press types: Pond, Metering, Combined. The use of a particular type depends on the machine characteristics.
According to our experience, 50% of web breaks are caused by poorly functioning Size Press, so it is important to use the latest technology in this area. A most sophisticated solution in sizing technology is our Intelli-Sizer® Metering Size Press. Benefits of application Metering Size Press are directly related to eliminating the common problems of a conventional pond type size presses such pond turbulence, poor pickup control, low solids concentration, sheet edge problems, lower after drying demand, uneven reel profiles and finally reduction of sheet breaks.
PMP’s Intelli-Sizer® can be equipped with a carbon fiber application head. Through the use of high-tech composite material we were able to obtain superb heat stabilization, high construction stiffness, excellent damping properties and simpler construction (compared to stainless steel heads there’s no need of additional thermal stabilization equipment which results in a reduction of maintenance and media costs).



  • Controlled thickness of the applied film is independent of machine’s operating speed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Increase in web tensile strength
  • Reduction of the sheet breaks and perfect runnability
  • Clean operation & high efficiency
  • One or both sides operation
  • Multiple configuration options suit to the optimum operating parameters
  • Easy installation
  • A perfect solution for rebuild projects


 Technical Data:

Paper width up to 10 m / up to 400 in
Design speed up to 1500 mpm / up to 5000 fpm
Sizing agent starch / pigment / PVA
Solids content up to 18% (starch)
Total surface sizing weight up to 8g / m2 / up to 1.6 lbs / 1000ft2
Application Head material Carbon Fiber or Stainless Steel


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