Paper & Board Machinery

To create homogenous paper log you have to start with a strong core and gradually add next layers .

Our Intelli-Reel® has been design using the latest technology to provide a precisely repeatable, efficient and safe winding process . Intelli-Reel® is characterized by simple and open structure enabling easy control of a reeling process it operates with the highest efficiency reaching optimum parameters of a final product. At the end, a prefect parent roll is obtained, ready to go further for converting operations.


The Primary Benefits of a PMP’s 

  • Structured Sheet Winding & Parent Roll Build-Up
  • Full Control over Reeling Parameters via a Clear User
  • Interface
  • Minimized Winding Defects & Sheet Loses
  • Low Dust Accumulation
  • Superior Workmanship Quality and Process
  • Technology

The  Design Secures

  • Primary Arm Relieving
  • Controlled Nip Transfer
  • Programmed Secondary Arm Loading
  • Secondary Arm Compensation
  • Limited Number of Moving Parts
  • Various Odds-On Availability
  • Long Component Life-Time Durability

The  Offers

  • Friendly Controls Interface
  • All Side & Safe Access to Reel Service Components
  • Centralized Maintenance Panels
  • Easy Maintenance Service

 Technical Data:

Paper width up to 10 m / up to 400 in
Design speed 1500 mpm / 5000 fpm
Paper grade containerboard, kraft, newsprint, fine
Type hydraulic or pneumatic operated