Tissue Machinery

The Press primary benefits are to maximize the amount of water removed from the tissue sheet while optimizing machine efficiency and product quality.

The main parameters that impact the pressing process are: nip, time and furnish. Finally after the press it is possible to achieve a high dryness value of tissue web, which is transferred to the Yankee Dryer surface. Our Intelli-Press® can be equipped with large Suction Press Roll (dia. up to over 1400 mm) which allows to achieve better bulk and dryness after press up to 48 %.



  • Single nip for optimum bulk level
  • Easy access to the felt conditioning equipment for maintenance purposes
  • Perfect tissue paper transfer from wire to felt – optimized fabrics separation angel with adjustment possibilities
  • Increased dewatering on SPR up-to 2% thanks to special design of drilling pattern of the SPR and special SPR doctor design – final dryness after SPR up-to 46%

 Technical Data for Tissue application:

paper width up to 5.8 m / 230 in or even more
design speed 900 – 2100 mpm/3000 – 6900 fpm
basis weight 10.5 – 35.5 gsm (on wire)/ 7 - 24 lbs/3000 ft2
nip range up to 120 kN/m / 700 PLI
type Single / double
dryness up to 48% after press
SPR diameter from 1100 mm to over 1400 mm / 39 inch to over 55 in