Extensible Unit For More Square Paper

For kraft sack paper manufacturers, PMP offers Intelli-MicroCrepe®.

Extensible unit is installed in paper machine dryer section where the dryness of the paper web is within range of 60-65% . The wet and plastic paper passes through the nip between running rubber blanket and rotating drying cylinder. The blanket is loaded by a fixed steel bar so the gap in the nip is less than blanket thickness. The blanket is squeezed and elongated when passes through the nip and contracts after nip leaving. Because friction between rubber and paper is higher than between paper and drying cylinder, paper contracts together with the blanket and is compacted in machine direction. Finally the paper has the possibility to elongate more and to absorb more energy before it will break. Intelli-MicroCrepe® increases also the cross direction stretch in the final product. This increase will be a 1 to 1-1/2 percent in the CD stretch value. Because of this increased CD stretch in the paper, the width of the paper at the reel will be proportionally more narrow than for ordinary paper.



  • Compact Design
  • Independent PLC control
  • Online and fully automatic rubber blanket grinding
  • Reliable rope tail threading

 Technical data:

Paper width 3.4 – 10 m / 130 – 395 in
Design speed 300 – 1000 mpm / 990 – 3300 fpm
Paper grade sack paper


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