historia 1854


History of the company begins in 1854 when
H. Füllner decided to establish a paper machinery plant
in Jelenia Góra.

historia 1854


The company was developing it's activity so well that in the 1930-ties delivered its 500th machine.

historia 1854


After the second World War because of the border changes, Lower Silesia become a part of Poland. Polish government decided to continue a tradition of H. Füllner’s company and in this way come to life the state ovned company named “Fampa”.

historia 1854


In 1964 a new stage of ”Fampa” development has begun. The company signed the license agreement for the building fast-moving machines with the Beloit Corporation.

historia 1854


At the beggining of the 1990’s ”Fampa” started the activities to find a foreign investor. The company had been cooperating with Beloit for 26 years based on the license agreement. That was the main reason why Beloit Corporation was choosen to take over ”Fampa” and create its branch Beloit Poland.

historia 1854


In the year 1997 Beloit Poland became a Center of Excellence specialized in building tissue machines. This resulted in the company signing more contracts for machines of that type.

historia 1854


Year 2000 was a difficult time for Beloit Corp. and shortly the company went into bankruptcy. Managers from Poland and an investor from U.S. took over Beloit Poland and created PMPoland S.A. and also PMP Group Corporation.

historia 1854


It has been only 12 years since PMP Group started to build its identity as an independent corporation. In the year 2013 PMP announced its 101st PMP Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox. During only those past 12 years, PMP Group managed to gain over one hundred hydraulic headbox references around the globe and PMP’s headboxes became iconic.

historia 1854


In December 2015, PMP refreshed its brand, implementing a new logo and a visual identity. A new tagline ”Passion Comes First” sums up PMP’s vision of it's unique approach to company performance and teamwork. PMP believes that the real engine for success is people who drive our business forward.

historia 1854


At the beginning of 2018, PMP has announced a dynamic development strategy entitled: “PMP Everest Strategy” for the next 3 years. The new Strategy is based on refreshed company mission, vision and values, which are the core of PMP’s identity. We are changing not only for ourselves, but also for you, so we can achieve long-term success together! Let’s reach “Everest” together!


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