Bring Yor Formation To a New Efficiency Level

Intelli-Top® former is a one of the key component of the Intelli-Technology® Platform.

Located on the fourdrinier, it enables to dewater in an upward direction. The main aim of implementation of the unit is to improve paper web’s two-sidedness. Installation of Intelli-Top® enables to achieve a higher dewatering capabilities in the wire section. The former can be placed closed the headbox. Nonetheless, its position is determined by the percentage of the sheet consistency.


Intelli-Top® Former benefits:

  • Increase of wire section dewatering capabilities
  • Decrease of paper two-sidedness
  • More efficient water removal enables shorting the wire table of fourdrinier
  • Applied on already existing wire section enables increasing machines speed
  • Intelli-Top® can be delivered as an pre-assembled unit, limiting machine downtime

  Main features:

Paper width: up to 10 m / up to 395 in
Design speed 300 – 1200 mpm / 1000 – 4000 fpm
Basis weight 30 – 200 gsm / 6 – 40 lbs / 1000ft2
Type 4 wire roll / 5 wire roll


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