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PMPoland S.A.

Siedziba główna PMP Group, ul.Fabryczna 1, 58-560 Jelenia Góra, Polska


  • Technology Development
  • P&P Capital Project Execution
  • Marketing
  • Application/Sales
  • Designing
  • Engineering
  • Erection Services
  • Mill Services
  • Service Center for Europe

PMP Financial Center

Jelenia Góra, Poland


  • Finances
  • IT Systems
  • Human Resources

PMPKonmet Sp. z o.o.

ul.Wojewódzka 5, 58-560, Jelenia Góra, Polska


  • Subcontracting Projects
  • Mild Steel Structures

PMP Engineering Office Łódź

ul.Dowborczyków 8, 90-019 Łódź, Poland


  • Technical project management Tissue
  • Application and design group - stock approach, stock preparation, auxiliary systems
  • Technical support of the sales process

PMP Rolls & Service Sp. z o.o.

ul. Bydgoska 1, 86-105, Świecie, Polska


  • Rolls Manufacturing
  • Rolls Services
  • Refurbishment Services
  • Maintenance Services

PMPower S.r.l

Via dello Stadio trav I , 56 55100 Lucca, Italy


  • Energy Solutions for TMs and PMs
  • Hoods/Steam; Condensate
  • Ventilation; Air System
  • Transfer; Stabilizing Boxes
  • Runnability Systems
  • Plant Surveys; Upgrades
  • Engineering Services
  • Mill Services

PMP IB (Changzhou) Machinery & Technology Co. Ltd.

No.7 Longxiang Rd. Wujin Hi-tech Zone, Changzhou,Jiangsu Province, 213164 China


  • Center of Excellence for EcoEc Tissue Machines
  • Engineering; Manufacturing Support for Capital Projects
  • Engineering Services
  • Mill Services
  • Service Center for Asia

PMP Americas Inc.

16200 Woodmint Lane, South Beloit, IL 61080, USA


  • Liaison for PMP P&P Business
  • Gauging & Fixturing
  • Subcontract Manufacturing
  • Engineering Services
  • Mill Services
  • Service Center for North America
  Europe Asia North America
  PMPoland S.A.
PMP Group
Service Center - Europe
Jelenia Góra, Poland
PMPKonmet Sp. z o.o.
Jelenia Góra, Poland
PMP Rolls & Services
Sp. z o.o.
Świece, Poland
PMPower S.r.l
Lucca, Italy
PMB IB (Changzhou) Machinery & Technology Co. Ltd.
Service Center - Asia
Changzhou, China
Pmp Americas Inc.
Service Center - North America
Machesney Park, USA
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