Another milestone in PMP Group’s development within the tissue business – 1st Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc tissue machine successfully launched in Mainland China

PMP Group – a global provider of paper, board and tissue technology – implements a dynamic development plan. The company has increased its year to year sales and expanded its reference base globally, in the paper, board and tissue industries. An Optimum Cost Solution philosophy drives PMP towards optimization of solutions and meeting customers' expectations accurately.

Concerning the tissue industry, PMP has recorded significant success in the last decade, winning 78 projects in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. In the last three years, PMP has focused on the development of key products concerning tissue machines, based on its own concept: a steam-heated Intelli-Hood™ and a steel Yankee Dryer Intelli-YD™. Consequently, PMP has broadened its product portfolio and significantly improved its competitiveness. Moreover, PMP has worked on the design and optimization of double press Crescent Former tissue machines named Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc line (Eco - Friendly & Ec - Economical) - solutions attractive to customers from emerging markets, who are interested in tissue machine capacity up to 60 tpd. PMP continues to provide the Intelli-Tissue® Advanced line (Crescent Former, single press configuration) to meet the expectations of customers interested in higher levels of production.

On April 29th of this year, in Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd (Baoding), PMP successfully started up its first EcoEc tissue machine named Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc.

Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd produces 80,000 tpy of tissue, producing brands such as Xuesong, Jiabei and Haorenjia. The PMP Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc at Baoding is characterized by width of 2850 mm at the reel, a max working speed of 1200 mpm and 60 tpd capacity (basis weight range: 12.5 – 20 gsm). The Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc is equipped with: a modern single-layer hydraulic Intelli-Jet V® headbox; a 4-roll Crescent Former Intelli-Former®; a double nip Intelli-Press®; a 12ft, ribbed steel, Yankee Dryer Intelli-YD™; a steam-heated Intelli-Hood™; and a reel Intelli-Reel®. In addition, PMP provided a stock approach system, mechanical drives, electrical drives, a lubrication system, a steam & condensate system and DCS. The PMP team also provided erection supervision and technological start-up. Thanks to excellent cooperation between Hebei Xuesong Paper and the PMP teams, just 5 days after start-up, this tissue installation has reached the maximum production capacity. Consequently, PMP has met its strategic goal to implement Optimum Cost Solutions by executing the tissue machine full design in Europe (PMPoland), manufacturing of the key components such as a hydraulic headbox and a steel Yankee in Europe (PMPoland), and the remaining manufacturing, tissue machine pre-assembly and tests completed at the Center of Excellence PMP IB, Changzhou (China). This combination has allowed a lower cost investment for the customer, while maintaining the quality of the equipment supplied.

At this stage of the project at Hebei Xuesong, (apart from reaching the maximum capacity of the machine - 60 tpd and the max working speed of 1200 mpm), PMP has fulfilled the agreed guarantees through application of Crescent Former technology and modern, high-tech products such as a steel Yankee cylinder Intelli-YD™ and a steam-heated Intelli-Hood™. The key feature of the EcoEc line is ultra-low energy consumption levels. Currently, the machine at Hebei Xuesong operates at 2.5 T/T steam consumption. Optimization to reduce the energy consumption to the target level of 2.0 T/T is continued. Thus, Hebei Xuesong produces soft tissue at attractively low production costs. Furthermore, the Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc machine is able to replace up to 15 machines which were designed and manufactured in China with outdated technology (narrow and slow machines), saving floor space, replacement parts and resources. The estimated Return on Investment (ROI) for the Hebei Xuesong project is 1.5 - 2 years. The achievements have become an inspiration for further business growth of both Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd and PMP Group as well as a stronger partnership between the two companies.


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