Intelli- Hood™

Thursday, 23 April 2015 00:00

In the case of a rebuild scenario with PM/TM and applying new Intelli-Hood™ systems, production capability of technological lines can be increased through more efficient drying capacity. At the same time lower energy consumption per ton of paper produced can be reached. Prior to each project execution, PMP experts provide detailed case analysis to tailor the design of the system to reach the optimum results.

Typically the analysis will cover

  • Monitoring: monitoring the steam, electricity, water and fuel systems. Assisting in steam system management by monitoring all variables and provides warnings of important changes
  • Optimization: optimization of a paper production process and usage of steam, fuel and power to reduce costs. Recommendation on how to operate the utility system at a minimum cost
  • Planning: predicting how the fuel, power and steam will respond to proposed changes, such as equipment maintenance, steam process or change of process, shutdowns, etc. using historical logs, or user-defined data
  • Auditing, Accounting analysis: auditing the system with continuous validated data.
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