Stock preparation


In a turn-key project of tissue machine lines PMP Group proposes a complete design of stock preparation system including virgin or recycled fiber lines, broke line and water system. The scope of supply of the equipment depends on customer’s requirements. In order to optimize the investment cost, PMPoland proposes a partial or complete delivery of the stock preparation equipment. In PMP designs is used highly advanced software for the flow balance, which allows making real time simulations of the whole process.

Separate stock preparation lines for LBKP and NBKP

Different types of fiber (LBKP - „short fiber” and NBKP - „long fiber”) should be treated in a different way to obtain proper fiber properties and in consequence – the best possible quality of product. Separate lines for long and short fiber allow processing furnish in the most appropriate way, regarding application and origin of the fiber. As well it will give the entire system flexibility, allowing meeting requirements of the market in the future. Two separate lines for long and short fiber, with third line for processing of dry broke, are currently state-of-art solution for virgin fiber plants.

Advantages of PMP Group stock preparation:

  • Optimum system, low electric energy and stock consumption - stock preparation and stock approach are designed with use of software that allows making dynamic simulation of the process. Thanks to that we have chance to examine phenomena that occur once in a while and properly balance batch processes (like pulping, for example)

  • PMP Group systems (machinery, pipe-lines, channels, tanks, chests) are produced out of stainless steel, wherever in contact with stock. Thanks to that, life of the system is much longer, compared to mild steel structures

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