Stock approach

Advantages of PMP stock approach:

  • In PMP Group stock approach system, the thick stock is metered into a stub pipe of special layout – eccentric cone – which ensures the best possible mixing of stock.
  • The pipelines in stock approach system, accept of the approach screen are polished to Ra 0,8 μm, and tested with a cotton ball on the entire length.
  • Connections of sections of the above mentioned piping is done by special type of flanges, which ensure no sharp edges or pockets between approach screen and headbox. Thanks to two above, there is no threat of creation of so-called tails in the stock, which can damage the formation.
  • PMP Group Low Pulse Screen (LS type) excels at meeting screening demands of today’s high-speed paper machines. The LS screen will deflocculate, screen and supply a uniform flow of stock to the headbox. Pulsations, which are another important factor, are kept below 3,5 mbar (0,05 PSI) peak-to-peak at frequency 0 to 30 Hz.
  • The double-suction design of fan pump with proper motor selection gives efficient and powerful operation with optimum electric energy consumption. The selection is carefully performed and proved by the best suppliers.
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