The Intelli-Press® construction is pretty compact design and together with on machine footwalks assures good operational and maintenance access to all important areas.

Also the felt change operation is short due to special equipment and partially cantilevered construction. Finally after the press it is possible to achieve a high dryness value of tissue web, which is transferred to the Yankee Dryer surface. There, because of heat from Yankee Dryer and from gas fired Yankee Hood, the web is dried up to the level of approximately 95% dryness.

Advantages of PMP Intelli-Press®:

  • (7) rolls type press part – good access to each press part equipment
  • (1) suction press roll - soft pressing with efficient water removal, 
  • Hydraulic SPR loading - stable working against Yankee Drier
  • Vertical felt stretcher - better working and comfortable in use
  • Easy and fast felt change - less than 2 hours
  • Stainless steel structure - stainless steel cladding performed to the axis of Yankee Dryer
  • Tail cutter for comfortable tail threading - easy and fast operation
  • Safety system for felt run control - minimize felt run-out
  • Felt tension automatic regulation - achieved longer felt lifetime
  • Felt conditioning system - high pressure shower with oscillation synchronized with machine speed, excellent water management achieved
  • Foot-walks system - easy and comfortable maintenance (including cross walk in strategic felt area)
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