Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headbox


PMP Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic headbox is a unique solution, which allows to improve a quality of tissue paper and to increase capacity by achieving high speed of the tissue machine. One of the advantages of hydraulic headbox is eliminating rectifier rolls as a rotating components. It improves reliability of the headbox and simplicity of operation and maintenance. Hydraulic headbox assures less media consumption per tone of paper – especially energy and water due to less broke at the machine. Smaller amount of broke is achieved by smooth operation of headbox, including answers to control system, which results in higher quality product.

Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox uses a new solution for tubebank. The innovative solution means unique tubes configuration, which has been carefully designed and tested in own pilot plant. Intelli-Jet V®, besides all advantages of hydraulic headboxes, assures a superb separation of stock layers in the headbox chamber, together with bringing the flow as close to optimum flow conditions, as possible. The conditions are achieved by set of flexible sheets, produced out of long-life abrasion resistant material. All these allow achieving highest quality product. Such product is easy to convert (cut, print, pack) and thanks to that to build trust and good relation with final customer.

Advantages of PMP Intelli-Jet® tissue headbox:

  • Excellent fiber flow and formation – good tissue paper properties
  • Controlled slice turbulence – excellent fiber orientation
  • Divider sheets for good flow and formation control – better tissue quality
  • Slice lip profiling - good cross machine paper profile
  • Parabolic header - uniform flow and pressure across the headbox
  • Hydraulic headbox - no rolls and showers inside, resulting in lesser malfunctions and thus better runnability
  • Very good quality - headbox is always made in PMPoland. All stock contact surfaces will pass seller’s “Cotton Ball” test
  • Inner surfaces machined and electro-polished – ensure the fibres not to spun themselves into tails
  • Stainless steel structure – long life without rust
  • Metal – to – metal connection of stock pipeline with header – to avoid danger of creating flocks of stock
  • Cross machine pressure balance adjusting – better control of headbox flow
  • Header pressure balance indicator - fast and easy balance control
  • Openable pondsides - good access for inspection and cleaning
  • Vacuum breaker - protecting flow dividing sheets installed inside the headbox
  • Proven solution - excellent working
  • All side headbox access - easy maintenance work, 100mm slice lip opening for cleaning
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