Intelli-Former® CF


PMP Intelli-Former® (4 or 5-roll, crescent-former type configuration) is the last area on the machine dedicated for tissue web formation. The positions of the forming and breast rolls are optimized with consideration of the headbox jet resulting in excellent formation. Also, the angle between the outgoing forming roll felt and the wire is critical for good tissue web transfer to the felt. The wire width is carefully calculated to achieve the correct reel trim without the use of trim squirts in the press section.

Advantages of PMP Intelli-Former® Crescent Former:

  • State-of-the-art design - allowing higher machine speeds and lower capital cost compared to Foudrinier, Inclined Wire or Basket Wire machines
  • No need to use vacuum on CF - no vacuum boxes, no vacuum forming roll what has an influence on less electricity power consumption
  • No vacuum boxes on CF - wire lifetime is much longer
  • Better formation - possibility of operation with lower consistency in headbox (0,15%), better uniformity of tissue parameters
  • No free paper between wire and felt - it eliminates sheet breaks in this area
  • Short wire loop - less expensive, comfortable wire change
  • Easy and fast wire change - less than 1 hour – cantilever type (including forming roll)
  • Supporting structure against corrosion - stainless steel cladding – protected solution proven in many Applications
  • Construction with mist removal installation - mist free operation, clean construction
  • Safety system for wire run control - minimized wire run-out
  • Wire conditioning - high pressure shower with oscillation synchronized with machine speed system
  • Angle adjusting of wire and felt partition - perfect paper transfer
  • Automatic control of wire control - longer wire lifetime
  • Short tissue machine - more compact
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