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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 00:00
First paper at reel Tuesday, April 29th 2014
Today, after period of trial run, an official successful start-up of the first Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc machine in China took place. TM has reached all design parameters and full capacity. This hi-tech equipment will allow Hebei Xuesong Paper to achieve ultra-low media consumption, while maintaining high quality of the final product. Congratulations to both Xuesong and PMP Teams!

 5 start-up

Check-outs and trial tests Friday, April 2nd 2014

We have just finished check-outs and final assembly. Currently we're in the process of start-up & trial tests. New products in PMP's portfolio (ribbed steel Yankee cylinder Intelli-YD™ & steam-heated Intelli-Hood™) are performing pretty well.

4 check outs and tests

Assembly at Customers site Friday, March 28th 2014

The IT 1200 EcoEc machine has been assembled and successfully tested at customers site. Some small corrections and we’re going to perform drive tests.

3 Xuasong EcoEc pre assembly

Pre-assembly at PMP IB and FAT Tuesday, November 12nd 2013

First Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc machine has been pre-assembled at our PMP IB (China) facility. Factory Manager Mr. Huang and Chief Engineer Mr. Sun, from Hebei Xuesong Paper, finished the Factory Acceptance Test. So now we’re getting ready for the logistics and transportation phase.

2 assembly at cust site

Contract signing between Hebei Xuesong Paper and PMP Group Monday, February 18th 2013

Today we signed a contract with Hebei Xuesong Paper for an Intelli-Tissue® 1200 EcoEc machine! PMP new product was introduced to the market in March 2012, during an annual PMP Open House conference. IT 1200 EcoEc is characterized by ultra-low media consumption and is the first product of that type on the Chinese market.

1 Xuasong EcoEc Contract signing

Stage 1 completed! Friday, 28th March 2014

Stage 1 of the PMP Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press installation is officially completed. We have reached the guaranteed parameters. But why stop there? Current results are so good that we’re planning to reach even better ones. Steam consumption is even lower than expected, whereas Nip load will reach soon 1050 kN/m . We will keep you posted about the situations development.

Getting closer to guaranteed parameters! Monday, 17th March 2014

The yesterday’s first paper sample testing indicates very good results. We’ve observed the significant improvement of the dryness after the press section comparing to the previous press configuration. The actual dryness level after press is about 50% (145 gsm testliner).

3,2,1… GO! ! Friday, 14th March 2014

PMP's first Shoe Press in China is now officially up & running! We have achieved our first paper on reel at 17:15 (GMT +8). Congratulations to both PMP and JCP teams! Good job!

Let's get ready to rumble! Thursday, 13th March 2014

The final stage of Intelli-Nip® installation is almost upon us. Currently we're performing drive tests of the press at operating speed of 900 mpm and nip load of 1000 kN/m. All looks good!

"The warm up" Wednesday, 12th March 2014

Equipment for the PMP Intelli-Nip® is already assembled. Mechanical tests of the press went smoothly and the machine clothing has been already installed. Last touch ups before the start-up and we're good to go.

FAT at PMP Group headquarters Friday, 13th December 2013

Today, Mr. Wang Huamin, President of Jiangsu Changfeng Paper, and three representatives of JCP, arrived at PMP's headquarters (Jelenia Góra, Poland) for the Factory Acceptance Test of PMP Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press. Now it's time to pack the containers and ship the equipment to China.

Jiangsu Changfeng Paper’s reference visit at PMP Group Monday, 29th April 2013

It all started on March 11th 2013 during our annual PMP Open House. Mr. Wang Huamin, President of Jiangsu Changfeng Paper, along with other OH guests, was invited to see the workshop tests of our PMP Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press. We must have made quite an impression since just a few weeks later we started the conversation in regard to our equipment.

Contract signing between Jiangsu Changfeng Paper and PMP Group Sunday, 28th April 2013

Another contract between Jiangsu Changfeng Paper and PMP Group has been just signed. This time however for the delivery of an Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press. This hi-tech equipment will for sure make a nice addition to the JCP's fleet.

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