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Students affiliated with our company describe the work in PMP Group as particularly interesting, dynamic, diverse, challenging, that allows private and professional growth. Our company is open to creative ideas from people who are committed to what they do.

We welcome students who are:

  • Open to new experiences,
  • Willing to learn about processes within the company,
  • Ambitious and creative,
  • Responsible, independent, well-organized,
  • Willing to expand their knowledge and share it with others,
  • Committed and focused on achieving the best results,
  • Team players,
  • Speaking foreign languages.

We offer:

  • Internships,
  • Apprenticeships,
  • The possibility of writing a thesis,
  • Part-time work.

How to apply?

Send your CV and motivation letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • What was your motivation to apply for an internship in PMPoland?
  • In which business area are you interested the most?
  • What are your expectations in regard to the internship/work?
  • In what period of time can you take up the internship/work?
  • What would you like to do in the future?
  • What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in life?
  • What are the qualities that distinguish you?
  • What values do you follow in life?
  • What foreign languages do you know?
  • What are your hobbies/interests?
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