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In the neighborhood of Jelenia Góra, Lower Silesia region, paper production started in the second half of the 16th century. The main reason to establish mould plants was associated with good water conditions. In time, the mould plants were transformed into the paper mills. In the middle of the 19th century, a huge amount of them, created the demand for plant servicing. Heinrich Füllner decided to take advantage of the situation and established, in 1854, a workshop for paper machines in Cieplice. Here begins the history of PMP Group.


After the Second World War crucial border change took place. Lower Silesia became a part of Poland. Polish government decided to continue tradition of Füllner factory and established, in the same place, the Paper Machinery Works – Fampa. Within the years the name Fampa became more popular. In 1964, the company modernized its machinery park and received the license from British-American company Beloit-Walmslays. It allowed company to offer the most modern machines in all Eastern Europe, China, Cuba, and Turkey at that time.

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In 1990s, Fampa was bought by Beloit Corporation and changed the name to Beloit Poland. Beloit was in Jelenia Góra for almost 10 years. During this time the company invested much capital for implementing modern computer system and modernization of company's buildings. In order to provide customers in fast repair services, in 1994, based on maintenance workshop Beloit Corp. established Beloit Fast Service in Świecie. The company refurbished and repaired all devices used in the pulp and paper industry. Its main specialization was grinding granite rolls and the manufacture of fabric and suction rolls. 

The year 2000, was extremely difficult time for Beloit Corporation, which shortly went into bankruptcy. Managers from Poland and investor from the United States took over Beloit Poland and created company named PMPoland S.A. It was a result of the prior selling of Beloit's signs to other companies. During the first Supervisory Board, a new management board was elected with Mr. Zbigniew Manugiewicz as the general manager who had been associated with the company since 1979. 

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The main difference between newly opened company and its predecessor was the fact PMPoland was independent company responsible for the entire process starting from designing, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Since that moment the company began determining trends of technological development and strategic activity.

A breakthrough moment for PMP Group was the opening of a new facility in China - PMP IB (Changzhou) Machinery and Technology. Currently, PMP Group composes of 5 divisions: PMPoland (the headquarter of PMP Group), PMPKonmet (devoted to stainless steel and mild steel structures), PMP Fast Service (dedicated to rolls manufacturing and refurbishment service), PMP Americas (our sales office in the United States) and PMP IB (Center of Excellence for IT900™ EcoEc and Intelli-Reel®).

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