Business Philosophy

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Competitive Advantages

Technology - state-of-the-art technology, implementation of innovaitons and searching for new solutions. Advanced technologies as solutions implemented in the entire company, not only in relation to PMP products.


Excellent quality - PMP as a reliable business partner, presenting the highest quality in every field of its activity.


On-time delivery - as a key element of successful project implementation. Also in this case, time-keeping applies to every area of the company.


PMP's Values

Passion - PMP employees love the paper industry, machinery, and working with international customers from all around the world. Both our passion in the paper industry, as well as the private passions of PMP's employees are fueling our company to act and to achieve success. This is why PMP's motto is "Passion Comes First". 


Pride - We are proud of who we are, where we are from and what we do. Our history, traditions and achievements bring pride to the entire team.


Respect - We respect everyone no matter of sex, age, beliefs and job position. "Respect and you will be respected".


Professionalism - A professional and responsible approach to accomplishing our tasks and achieving our goals matters. We are aware of why we do our work and what we want to achieve. We know the requirements and standards and we improve ourselves every day in their implementation.


Ethics - In professional life, everyone should be guided by a sense of decency. Each workplace is characterized by an unwritten code of proper and inappropriate behaviors. The most important rules are contained in the official Work Regulations. It is obvious that in every profession and in every company thare are boundaries that cannot be crossed.


Team work - The combination of effort, skills and experience of a group, always brings much better results than individual work. Only together, as a whole group, can we achieve succes. We care about the synergy effect.


Satisfaction - Work is one of the basic areas of adult human activity. It fills half of our lives and can shape who we are. Therefore, achieving satisfacion from our work and satisfaction with the possibilities of our development drives us to act. We care about what we do, how we do it and for whom. The work of each single person is important - both for ourselves and for the whole of society. Each of us creates an added value.


PMP Group – your partner for the future

Partnership with PMP Group is an opportunity to lower capital investment cost and operating cost of installation. PMP brand describes high quality and the safety of machine operators and production process. Geographical location of PMP Group allows our team to respond quickly to any needs. If you are looking for a reliable partner that can help you develop your business, contact us now!

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